About Us

Abuja Environmental Protection BoardAbuja Environmental Protection Board is a government body that was started in the year 1989. The city of Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. Naturally, there is a huge influx of people to come to the capital to find work and to study. The growing population is said to be a challenge to the people involved in maintaining the city clean and green. Consequentially, the government constantly faces the challenge of maintaining clean environment, law and order, sanitation in densely population areas and general administration.

There are several problems in Abuja that the government, students and NGOs are working towards solving, so that it becomes clean and green. One of the main problems is urinating and defecating on the streets. Then, there are other issues such as garbage disposal. If the garbage is not cleared properly, then it could lead to a variety of diseases such as typhoid, nausea, etc. It also results in air pollution. There are two types of waste that can be found in any city. One is the garbage from the various houses and industries. Secondly, there is also the waste from the hospitals and clinics, referred to as the clinical garbage.

A lot of volunteers and various government bodies try to address this problem. One ways of dealing with this has been to develop the satellite cities around Abuja so that the pressure on the main city reduces.

Abuja is a well-planned city that has the potential to develop into a model capital city. However, rapid growth has resulted in increased pressure on the resources available to people. Abuja Environment Protection Board seeks to works towards finding solutions to several issues concerning the city and its environment.