Our Services

Abuja Environmental Protection BoardAbuja Environmental Protection Board was founded in 1989 by the government. It presently has 400 employees. The main objective of the Board is to make the city safe and clean. Another aim is to make the city beautiful.

We work with various governments, private and voluntary organizations to ensure the cleanliness of the city.

  • We make sure that we take up refuse collection, storage and disposal at least twice a week.
  • Our efforts also include management of hospital and other hazardous waste, cleaning of the streets and litter control.
  • Landfill sites are also managed by us so that they can help the present and future generations of Abuja residents.
  • We also place bins in public places such as markets, shopping centers and in areas where is high density of humans.
  • The waste is taken away in compacting trucks, side loaders and tippers. All waste is transported to a landfill site.
  • We take up general maintenance of sewer lines within 48 hours of receiving complaints. We also clear out the water drains before and after the rains.
  • Our staff also connects public and private properties to the central sewer lines within a couple of weeks of payment.
  • Another important aspect of our services includes environmental conservation.
  • We deal with various issues such as erosion control, conservation of hilltops, river valleys, burial sites, unique land forms, vegetation control, etc.
  • We also take up regular monitoring of the environment to check for pollution, degradation, public safety, etc.
  • Constant monitoring and feedback is taken to make sure that the projects are being handled properly.